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Introducing the SARES RSS feed

Executive Summary: if you don't want to read all the explanation below, skip this and check out the What is RSS? one page primer.

Starting in April 2005, I will make the news and calendar section of the SARES web server available as an RSS content feed. Originally developed by Netscape RSS has undergone numerous revisions and nowadays you can simply point your RSS reader to an XML file. A complete explanation of RSS, how it works, the description of the XML tags in the file and much more is available in the article by James Lewin on the IBM developerWorks web site. Or read more on the RSS at Harvard Law site.

The RSS feed URL is linked to the orange "RSS 2.0" button on top of the left hand side navigation links.

RSS, also known as "Rich Site Summary", is a simple way to syndicate site content. If you have added the SARES site as a channel to your RSS reader you will automatically see updated items pop up. Many modern e-mail programs such as Thunderbird, Apple Safari or Evolution let you add an RSS feed as an "account" the same way you add e-mail or NNTP new accounts. Or you can use an extension to an existing program such as Sage for the Mozilla browser or NewsGator for Microsoft Outlook, as well as a standalone program to read an RSS feed, such as FeedDemon, FeedReader or SharpReader .

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