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Mailing List

Mailing List

This server runs a mailing list for general discussion that is open to any interested hams. The Sunnyvale ARES general discussion list is called

sares-list _(@)_

and it is sufficient to include only the list address in the e-mail distribution, there is no need to do extra Cc: to members who already get a copy of the message through the list server. In fact, copying too many other recipients will delay the message as it will be held for moderator approval.

Message Archive

UPDATE (10/19/2022): the archive is temporarily offline for a server move.
There is a private browsable archive set up for this mailing list, which is updated with each new message. You need to log into the mailman interface with your e-mail as username and the password on record.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe

The mailing list server of runs on a machine that is called, using the GNU Mailman software package.
To subscribe to the list or to even unsubscribe from the list you always have to communicate with the list server, never with the list itself. Well, mailman hopefully filters on some of the keywords such as 'subscribe' in order to spare the entire list population having to see those kind of messages.
Each message contains a footer reminding you of the list info URL, and please follow the instructions there. Then entire subscription management is done via the web interface.
Please also consider the following rule: the list is a members list only, so in order to send a message to the list you have to be subscribed to the list with the exact same e-mail address that appears in the 'From:' line of your e-mail messages. To date, this has been the most effective way of banning SPAM (unsolicited commercial e-mail) from all the mailing lists that I host on my servers.

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