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Local frequencies for SARES:

  • Sunnyvale ARES 2m repeater: 145.170MHz (negative offset) PL=94.8Hz, K6SNY/R hosted by City of Sunnyvale DPS
  • Sunnyvale ARES 2m simplex Tactical-A: 147.405 MHz
  • Sunnyvale ARES 2m simplex Tactical-B: 146.415 MHz
  • Shared Sunnyvale ARES / NASA 2m simplex Tactical-C: 147.585 MHz
  • Sunnyvale ARES 70cm simplex Tactical-D: 446.000 MHz
  • Sunnyvale ARES 70cm simplex Tactical-E: 446.500 MHz
  • Sunnyvale ARES 70cm repeater: 443.275MHz (positive offset) PL=107.2, K6SNY/R;
    this repeater is owned and operated by the Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Service Repeater Group and installed on Crystal Peak.
  • Sunnyvale ARES 70cm repeater: 444.525MHz (positive offset) PL=94.8Hz, K6SNY/R hosted by City of Sunnyvale DPS

K6PHL maintains a SARES Channelized Frequency List spreadsheet, you can download a copy of the latest current version.

SPECS frequencies:

  • SPECSNET 2m repeater: 145.270MHz (negative offset) PL=100.0Hz, W6ASH/R
  • SPECSNET 1.25m repeater: 224.140MHz (negative offset) PL=100.0Hz, W6ASH/R
  • SPECSNET 70cm repeater: 440.800MHz (positive offset) PL=100.0Hz, W6ASH/R

SVECS frequencies:

  • SVECS 2m repeater: 146.115MHz (positive offset) PL=100.0Hz, AA6BT/R
  • SVECS 70cm repeater: 444.625MHz (positive offset) PL=110.9Hz, N6NAC/R

The complete Santa Clara County voice frequency list (on

The following HF frequencies have been established for communication with the Regional and State level of the OES:

  • 40m 7.230 MHz LSB (daytime)
  • 80m 3.992 MHz LSB (nighttime)
  • 160m 1.987 MHz LSB (nighttime alternate)

The ARRL Pacific Division Section Managers met and established a set of HF frequencies to be used for inter-section traffic and as mutual aid common frequencies. These are to be used to establish initial contact between the responders and the destination operation. The Frequencies are:

  • 3.987 Mhz LSB
  • 5.332 Mhz USB (5.3305 Mhz) Channel A
  • 7.232 Mhz LSB
  • 14.265 Mhz USB
  • 146.520 Mhz FM

All operations are phone.

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