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SARES - Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Emergency Service


(January 2022) Wolfgang Polak, AI6SL, has accepted the role as the new Emergency Coordinator for Sunnyvale ARES/RACES. We are grateful and would like to welcome him into this new position. We would also like to express our Thanks to Jerry Thalls, KG6HI, for many years of service and excellent leadership during his time as EC.


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alternating Tuesdays, 1130PST Luncheon, check SARES-RG Calendar for details

About us

What is SARES?
SARES is the local ARES group of radio amateur volunteers serving the City of Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety. We provide reliable backup communication links as well as additional eyes & ears and hands where needed, always linked with 2-way radio. Under the mutual aid agreement we also provide services to neighboring cities, the County of Santa Clara Office of Emergency Management as well as to help organizations such as the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. SARES also operates 2m and 70cm repeaters hosted by the City of Sunnyvale DPS and a 70cm repeater hosted by the SARES-RG (Repeater Group) on Crystal Peak.
How is SARES organized?
SARES is an independent citywide ARES group of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Santa Clara Valley Section. SARES has about 70 members in Sunnyvale and is led by a team of one Emergency Coordinator with seven Assistant Emergency Coordinators. SARES is part of the SPECS net (Southern Peninsula Emergency System) and SVECS net (Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System).
What is in it for you ?
Free training opportunities as net control station, traffic handler, VIP shadow, etc.; quarterly meetings with featured speakers; quarterly exercise drills in the field and tabletop simulated emergency tests to practice your skills; you can meet fellow hams and last but not least you give back to your community and earn recognition by your community by helping in times of need.
Other activities and social events:
Other non-disaster services that SARES provides: locating missing person, child or vehicle. And don't forget the biggest emergency simulation event of the year: ARRL Field Day on the last full weekend in June. We traditionally serve as the primary communicators in the Lakewood Village Christmas Parade each year. SARES has a traditional bi-weekly luncheon at a local restaurant where you can meet other members of the group. For the holiday season you and your family are invited to join us for a potluck dinner.
It's free!
Membership in SARES is at no cost for you, and all services provided by Radio Amateurs are strictly on a volunteer basis according to the FCC Rules Part 97, which prohibit compensation for amateur radio operators. The City of Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety provides us with administrative support.
Please download the SARES Brochure Adobe PDF icon(PDF format, 1094881 Bytes) .

EC and AECs (alphabetical by call suffix)

Wolfgang Polak AI6SL, EC [e-mail] [phone]
Loretta Keller WB6BWQ, AEC [e-mail] [phone]
Thomas Leibold KK6FPP, AEC [e-mail] [phone]
Andreas Ott K6OTT, AEC [e-mail] [cellphone +1-408-431-8727]
Roger Pease KE6PPI, AEC [e-mail] [phone]
Steve Bennett KK6UCO, AEC [e-mail] [phone]
Walt Lee K6WAL, AEC [e-mail] [phone]
Skip LaFetra AA6WK, AEC [e-mail] [phone]

Jerry Thalls KG6HI, Emeritus
Phil Stewart K6PHL, Emeritus

Contact information

To get more information about Sunnyvale ARES, please send e-mail to the EC Wolfgang Polak AI6SL.

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